Leonardo Aranda

Artist, Philosopher, Programmer


Light Installation

Programming - Leonardo Aranda, Andrei Guevara
Circuit design - Julio Zaldivar
Case and structure design - Leonardo Aranda
mounting and assemblage -
Mauricio Badillo
Gabriela Gordillo
Daniel Llermaly
Pía Vásquez

Hive is a large-scale light installation that tries to make visible the invisible radio-frequency infrastructure of urban areas, such as Mexico City. The installation consists of a series of 40 independent modules, each of which has a control circuit equipped with a radiofrequency sensor of between 700 and 950 MHz. At the same time, each of the modules has an Xbee transceiver that allows each module to communicate their measurements to adjacent modules through a band of 2.4 Ghz. Using this communication, the installation creates light propagation patterns that match the average of the measurements that each module performs in relation to its neighbors.

The project was commissioned by the National Arts Centre for the Winter Lights festival during December 2014.