Leonardo Aranda

Artist, Philosopher, Programmer

Studies on Memory

Interactive installation

Studies on memory is an interactive installation that explores the theme of memory, inspired by the writings of Henri Bergson. The installation brings into play the time, space and movement to create an image that sums them all. The system operates through a program that recognizes the movement by means of computer vision techniques. When a movement has been registered, the system captures a segment of an image from a closed circuit video, corresponding to a sixth of the total width of the original image, and that coincides with the x-coordinate of the recorded movement. This segment is added to a buffer with 60 previously captured segments, which are played sequentially, at the same time they are replaced by new captures. The result of this process is a panel made up of segments, where the passage of time is seen as a sequence of images that reproduce indefinitely, as the movement leaves its trace in the process of creating new sequences that replace the previous ones.