Leonardo Aranda

Artist, Philosopher, Programmer

La Guerra no es contra el Narco, es contra la gente

Workshop, webpage, and participatory installation
Mapa Interactivo


Proyect guidance, workshop, web programming
Leonardo Aranda Brito

Workshop participants
Jezoar Israel Amaguaña Santillan
Ricardo Arteaga Guarota
Gerardo Benítez
Yaneth Selene Bustos Román
Xenia Carpanta Carmona
Aurora Gomez Cerezo
Margarita González Arellano
Lizzy Eugenia Palencia Hernández
Jesús Linos
José Angel Martínez Morales
Mónica Martínez Pérez
Daria Mejía Reyes
Eréndira Meléndez Torres
Rodrigo Nagore
Herly Rafael Nava Sánchez
Luis Fernando Rodríguez Chiman
Iván Rodríguez Toris
Nestor Pineda Vazquez
Maya Michelle Valentín Estrada

Investigative journalism
Esdras Valdiviezo
Jorge Arturo Hernández, editor en La Unión de Morelos

Design advisor
Dora Bartilotti

This project emerges as the result of the workshop that bore the same name, which was held during August 2019 in the City of Cuernavaca. The project aims to make visible and provide a key to reading violence in Morelos, given the lack of transparency and organization of information in matters of insecurity, by the government of the State. In this sense, the project tries to articulate and systematize information in relation to violence in the Morelos, as a citizen exercise against the silence of the authorities.

During the workshop from which this project arises, discussions were held on how to understand, conceptualize and confront violence, from which a typology of violence was proposed, as well as a historical contextualization of it, which are translated into the cartography and the timeline presented here.

The database

The database of this project is based on the work originally carried out during 2017 and 2018 by journalists Jorge Arturo Hernández and Esdras Valdiviezo, who during this time made a recount of the killings in the State of Morelos from of information they collected from journalistic notes; effort that also ended in a map proposal. At the beginning of this project, an approach was carried out with these journalists, who shared their information without any objection. The current database takes as a model the structure and information of the original database, to which the information and types of violence developed during the workshop have been added.