Leonardo Aranda

Artist, Philosopher, Programmer

Monumento a los desaparecidos

Sound installation and webpage


Programming and concept- Leonardo Aranda
Graphic and Interface Design- Dora Bartilotti

Monument to the Disappeared is an art project that seeks to make a claim for memory and justice for people who have disappeared during the decades of violence that have plagued Mexico. The purpose of the project is to give voice to those people who have been silenced, taking a step in the struggle against oblivion and the abstraction that usually turns missing people into numbers and statistics. In this sense, the voice becomes a tool that embodies the identity of a person; while participation and the act of naming becomes an act of solidarity with those who have lost the ability to enunciate, promoting an act by memory and against silence.

The project is divided into two parts: a first stage, consists of a platform of distributed collaboration (crowdsourcing) which seeks, through public participation, gather voices that list the 34,441 names of missing persons, whose identity is part of the base of project data. The second stage consists of a monument created from the sound intervention of the public space, through a series of sound sculptures, whose objective is to amplify the group of voices previously compiled in the first stage.




- Sept 2021, The garden of Uncertainty, Ars Electronica: A Digital New Deal, Lins, Austria.