Leonardo Aranda

Artist, Philosopher, Programmer

No Quiero Oro, Ni Quiero Plata

Mixed media installation, videoart, digital cartography


TRES+Medialabmx (Leonardo Aranda, Ilana Boltvinik, Rodrigo Viñas)

Keyboard recovery
Luis Lorenzo Guerrero

Keyboard disassemble performance
Leonardo Aranda
Ilana Boltvinik
Rodrigo Viñas
Dora Bartilotti

Laboratory protocol for silver recovery
Dr. Rosalba Argumedo Delira, Universidad Veracruzana

Silver extraction
Dr. Samuel Garcia Díaz, Universidad Veracruzana
Hannia Libreros
Ilana Boltvnik
Rodrigo Viñas

Ollin Yahveh Miranda, camera
León Boltvinik, camera and edition
Galo González, music score

Silver coin fabrication
Leonardo Aranda, graphic design
Mike Desi, 3D modelling
Erick Moran, 3D printing
Oscar Formacio, silver coinage

Digital cartography
Leonardo Aranda

No quiero oro, ni quiero plata is composed of a mixed media installation, a public action that enacts an electronic disassembly line, a video that documents a chemical silver extraction process and a website that maps silver mining data in Mexico.

The title references a traditional Mexican song used when hitting a piñata. Dated back to colonial times, Franciscan monks used it as a tool for homogenizing indigenous and catholic rituals. The lyrics suggest the preference of fruits and candies over gold and silver.

The installation consists of debris of the disassembly line of wasted computer keyboards collected through a participatory open call. The center of the installation holds a commemorative 1 OZ silver coin made from 288 keyboard printed circuits. The coin’s front portrays the 4 presidents responsible for extractivism in modern Mexico. While the back depicts a mine and a quote by Eduardo Galeano: “Lungs need air as economy needs silver”.

We question the value that this mineral has within the technological industry and its great environmental and political impact in countries that produce and recover them in precarious conditions. Silver connects Mexican colonial past and with our extractivist present.

The project draws attention to the materiality of technology, from its assembly, disposal and recycling in the Mexican context. We address the life-cycle of electronic devices from a critical situated perspective, making visible the economic cycles that it encompasses.

Phase 1: Disassmblage

Phase 2: Laboratory

Phase 3: Coinage


Map: Link to map


- Jun-ago 2022, La venganza de la basura, Centro de Cultura Digital, CDMX
- Oct-nov 2022, La venganza de la basura, Palacio de la cultura, Tlaxcala
- Feb-mar 2023, Habitat presente, La Clinica, Oaxaca