Leonardo Aranda

Artist, Philosopher, Programmer


Digital Literature
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Original Idea
Leonardo Aranda
Calos Francisco Gallardo Sánchez

Calos Francisco Gallardo Sánchez

Leonardo Aranda

Leonardo Aranda
Dora Bartilotti (Casino de la Selva)

Interface Graphic Design
Dora Bartilotti

Galo González

Quauhnáhuac arises from a reading of Under the Volcano. Building a navigation system from some elements that the novel offers, such as circular time, they are embedded in real settings to somehow tell the story of the same city from the assembly of plans that reveal urban transformations to contrast in those metaphorical imaginations.

As a test of interfaces, in Quauhnáhuac there is Lowry's voice, the urban interface, the metaphor of the fall and the canyon and the volcano as an imminent witness.

On the map where some emblematic scenarios of the novel are indicated, the imagined sites intersect with their possible locations and each intersection leads us to a strange landscape made up of fragments of Under the Volcano and images of different moments from Cuernavaca. The wheel turns, time passes, the city accumulates layers that make it a myth.

Electronic Literature Collection (Vol. 4). Electronic Literature Organization. LINK