Leonardo Aranda

Artist, Philosopher, Programmer

Very Low Scan View

Interactive Installation

Very Low Scan View is an interactive installation that attempts to deconstruct the digital technical image through a process of analysis. The system works by means of a digital imaging process that captures a horizontal line of three pixels wide, for each frame of a close circuit video, to complete a picture of 720 pixels high. Each pixel is separated into its RGB components, and represented in an array of three circles 3 pixels wide, arranged radially to one another. The first circle is red, the second green, and blue third, and its opacity is determined by the level for each channel of the sample pixel. The process builds line by line a new image, which resembles the original one, but at the same time reflects the time it takes to complete the whole process. After completing a frame, it is stored in a buffer that reproduces the complete sequence of pictures saved every day, side by side to the new image been generated. The image is accompanied by a time code that marks the beginning and end of each frame generated.